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michael james novak

“do me a favor: keep your asshole junkie friends out of my house.”

“okay, but what about the ones that aren’t assholes? they can still stay, yeah?”


oh my shit, olivia and aaron are siblings


perfect family is perfect

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“What else do you want from me?”

“What? I’m supposed to throw my trust at a guy who propagates my brother’s drug habit?”

“Propagate your brother’s drug habit. That’s what you think I’m doing. I haven’t given him a thing.”

“Probably because he can’t afford it.”

“You know…I thought Mike was just being a dick because you were his sister. I never really did get sibling rivalries. Turns out that he wasn’t exaggerating at all. You really are a bitch. I took your brother in when he was lying in his own vomit on the side of the fucking road. You won’t even let him in your house because of some stupid necklace he grabbed two years ago. But by all means, fine. I’ll be the bad guy.”

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ethan joseph gaines

“you do realize you’re the epitome of a coward, right?”

“yeah but it’s just been working so well for me that i haven’t had the desire to change.”

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ethan joseph gaines

ethan is a thirty year old who comes from a lower class background. despite the obvious setbacks he was meant to have in life, he developed one particular talent: playing piano. he was a musical child prodigy at the age of four. it came about whenever he visited his grandparents, which seemed to become more frequent the older he became, and he took a fondness to their grand piano. he was completely self taught. not much came from this talent, though. at least not until he got older. 

with high test scores and an incredible ability, he was set to go to the peabody institute on a hefty scholarship. it was an opportunity to dig his way out of poverty and make something for himself. then the accident happened. 

a car accident left him in a coma for a little over a year with permanent brain damage. though he became adjusted to the demands of everyday life, he couldn’t play piano anymore. with all hopes and dreams tossed out of the window, he didn’t see anywhere to go. he got a job at the local fast food joint and continued to live with his parents. it was there he made a friend. the guy was like a private investigator for scumbags. he would make a significant amount of money from it as well.

ethan had no real skill with a camera. this was made evident when he attempted to go along with his new friend and was encouraged to practice. they happened to be spying on a gang member. when they were caught, his friend was shot, simply because they had previous problems with him before, but ethan struck a deal. he’s meant to keep tabs on people and do all the footwork that the gang is too dumb or lazy to do themselves. it keeps him alive.

while he tends to be cynical, he’s mostly upbeat. one of the problems brought about by his injury seems to be that he just doesn’t care about things that much these days. you can’t really intimidate him or embarrass him. it comes in handy.

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“This is her?”

“That’s her.”

“… you mind if I keep this?”


“For research.”

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jeri abigail novak

jeri is twenty-seven and comes from an upper-middle class family. she illustrates children books and commissions other work on the side. her younger brother, michael james novak, was misdiagnosed with ADHD when he was thirteen. this marked a monumental change in the family. mike got into selling his prescription ritalin in high school and eventually got in with some bad people. their parents, a history college professor and a business marketer, didn’t tolerate their son’s erratic behaviors and legal troubles. when mike was eighteen, he was kicked out, and jeri let him stay with her. 

jeri has had her own share of problems in life, though they are mostly due to her younger brother and his involvement with the drug world. when she was nineteen, she was involved with a local gang member. when he died, there was strong evidence to convict her in his murder. the gang was able to pull strings with the law in her favor, but she’s been in their debt ever since.

she’s smart and tends to be very manipulative. still, she makes mistakes just like anyone else. the problem is that her mistakes sometimes cost lives.

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You’re serious about this?

Yeah. I mean, you need a place to stay. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night envisioning you homeless somewhere. I’ve got too much bad karma already.

Considering what a scumbag I am, I have to say that I doubt this counts toward good karma.

I’m lapsed Catholic, okay? You know what that means? Free reign as long as you say you’re sorry.

What if I’m not sorry?  After all, I would have never met you if I played it straight.

Don’t be so sure, Prince Charming. You’ll probably be remorseful soon.

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